Battle Brothers

Battle Brothers inventory screen Battle Brothers fighting orcs Battle Brothers world map view

Battle Brothers is a turn based strategy RPG mix which has you leading a mercenary company in a gritty, low-power, medieval fantasy world. You decide where to go, whom to hire or to fight, what contracts to take and how to train and equip your men in a procedurally generated open world campaign.

Xintana Legends

Xintana Legends gameplay Xintana Legends gameplay Xintana Legends gameplay

Xintana Legends is a 2D action level platformer in a precolombian mythology fiction setting. In the game we follow Xintana in a world between dreams and unleashed chaos, fighting to restore peace into a world dominated by shadows.

Dungeon Kingdom

Dungeon Kingdom secret area Dungeon Kingdom outside Dungeon Kingdom dungeon crawling

Dungeons Kingdom is a role playing video game, designed with oldschool style dungeon crawlers in mind ! You’ll meet terrible creatures, find treasures, solve puzzles, explore different areas such as dark and wet Dungeons or lost yourself in snowy and windy moutains!


MORE creation screen MORE colonize screen MORE star system view

Space strategy M.O.R.E. - Military, Organization, Research, Exploration - is a worthy successor to classic turn-based 4X games. During development, the focus has been to create a worthy heir to the best game of this genre, Master of Orion II - released in 1996. All subsequent created games have had their pros and cons; however they have disappointed many fans of space strategy, with the result that for many years the space strategy genre has been stuck in a rut. The ambition of the development team is to create a game that decidedly breaches the prevailing status quo, re-igniting the desire of thousands of players to explore and conquer the universe. Our aim is to recreate the syndrome "Just one more turn ...".

Zombie Battle Grounds

Zombie Battle Grounds battle view Zombie Battle Ground building screen Zombie Battle Ground achievement screen

There´s an zombie invasion going on in your neighbourhood. Compete with your friends to save your real-life home! Navigating the real map of where you live, you assemble a powerful urban army and secure your home town while taking control of real-life shops, military bases, hospitals, you name it. But as you gain money, resources and man power to fight the enemies, your own friends and neighbours may be doing the same; convinced they would make better leaders than you.


Plantman Splash Screen Plantman Gameplay 1 Plantman Protechtors

Plantman - First day at the Plant Plant is a 2D puzzle sci-fi adventure sidescroller, where you control the plant manager Andy Sprout and his loyal coffee machine SAMM (Social Android Mocca Machine). Andy and SAMM are happy working at the oxygen producing Plant Plant, but one day something happens which will change their fates forever.


1916 Gameplay 1 1916 Gameplay 2

1916 - Der Unbekannte Krieg is a first person survivor horror game, where you need to escape the dreadful trenches of the first world war. It sounds bad, but it gets worse as the raptors approaches.


Blendimals Gameplay 1 Blendimals Gameplay 2

Blendimals is a fun puzzle game from Exploding Cow, where you need to blend the right combination of animals to make them reach the catapult chair (and get to the moon).

Light Apprentice

Light Apprentice Gameplay 1 Light Apprentice Gameplay 2 Light Apprentice Gameplay 3 Light Apprentice Gameplay 4

Light Apprentice is a story driven action comic game from Amazu, where you are the light apprentice Nate who awakens after being trapped in a crystal for hundreds of years. The world is on the brink of destruction, but luckily you have friends who will help you bring hope to the people and ultimately restore the planet.

Hummel Football

Hummel Football Game Splash Screen

Hummel Football Game is a precision game from Hummel, where you swipe your finger to score goals as far away as possible to maximize your score.

Shadow of Kharon

Shadow of Kharon Gameplay 1 Shadow of Kharon Gameplay 2 Shadow of Kharon Gameplay 3

Shadow of Kharon is a 2D adventure game from The National Film School of Denmark, where you follow the polar explorer Haakon in his struggle to be the first man to plant a flag at the south pole. Will he be able to pay the ultimate price to reach his goal?


Plankton! Splash Screen Plankton! Gameplay 1

Plankton is a casual game for kids, where you need to guide the lazy plankton Charles around the coral reef to find his lost friends. Watch out for the bully fish!